1-On-1 With Jonathan

Q: Is Sprinkles your real name or a stage name?

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If I had to choose a name for myself, it would be something much more intimidating than something you put on cupcakes. Yes. SPRINKLES is my name from birth.

Q: Why do people call you The Connection Coach?

A: I have become known as The Connection Coach because I show people how to make a connection to areas that are significant to their personal and professional performance.

For example

  • I teach leaders to stop communicating their agendas and start connecting with their organization.
  • I teach salespeople to stop pitching their products and start connecting with their clients.
  • I teach educators to stop simply teaching and start connecting with their classes.
  • I teach achievers to stop “talking about it” and start connecting with the success and lifestyle they deserve.

Connection creates a feeling of oneness. When two people connect, there is an instant rapport. They trust each other. They move beyond personal motives and work toward a shared vision.

The good news is, anyone can make this happen within the various contexts of their lives. I show people the principles and the step-by-step processes for creating connections with people and outcomes when they need it most.

This is why Connection Is Key™.

Q: What made you become a professional speaker?

A: For the complete story, click here. Here is the short answer:

I get this question a lot. Quite honestly, I don’t know whether I found this or whether it found me. All I know is that I feel very fortunate to call this my “job.” Growing up, I was a very shy kid. I was well-known, but never the most popular in school.

It wasn’t until college that I learned that I had any talent…of any sort. I was grateful too, because when it was time to pick a major, I knew I had to stay as far away from math as I possibly could! When I discovered that I could make a career of using my gift for teaching and end up helping a lot of people in the process, it was the best of all worlds!

Speaking and coaching have afforded me a unique opportunity. When you see me, it is obvious that I’m doing what I was put here to do. Off stage, I’m a very laid back, introspective person. On stage, I still get to my “true self,” just 10 times more energetic.

I approach my engagements from a purpose level. I don’t do “gigs.” I don’t give a “speech.” When I step on stage, I treat it as though I have the message that a specific group of people needs in order to go to the next level.

From the beginning of my career, I chose to be known for substance. I set out to be the guy who had the skills to inspire people to aim higher and empower them with real-life answers and get real results. Every time I stand before an audience, I use my message to create a new atmosphere for positive changes that last long after meeting ends.

Q: Where do you get the inspiration for the concepts you teach in your presentations?

After 10 years of speaking across the world, I have seen a lot. I have helped a lot of people and answered a lot of questions. My content comes from the wisdom of extensive research and the practicality of a decade of hands-on experience.

I have found that audiences love hearing from a real person, just like them. I don’t drown them with mind-numbing statistics, nor do I talk over their heads. When I speak, the audience gets ME—my humor, my quick wit, my stories, and most importantly, my strategies that will work in their lives right now!

Q: Who are your heroes?

A: First of all, I don’t look to celebrities to find my personal heroes. I love “everyday heroes” who often go unrecognized. They don’t seek credit or fame, they just do the work. I’m often most impacted by people who come up to me after a talk. I have heard some unbelievable stories! People who, on the surface, you would never think had a care in the world have shared with me accounts of incredible bravery. When they tell me, “You inspired me today,” I often have to say, “No…you inspired ME today!”

That said, I have an affinity for two groups of people: The Innovators and The Outcasts.

The Innovators are those who have started with something ordinary and have taken it extraordinary heights. People who have revolutionized the way we look at life and question our own limitations. They epitomize the phrase, “all things are possible for those who believe.”

Then there are The Outcasts. This is going to sound weird, so don’t judge me, okay? I love people who have had a fall from grace, hit the bottom, and bounced back to the top. I have said that “it takes courage to get it and discipline to keep it.” But it takes another level of you-know-what to get it, lose it, face public rejection, and go get it again. I learn so much from people who have been through the lowest of low’s and still manage to rise back to the top.

Q: I want to get Sprinkled! How can I get Jonathan to speak for my organization?

A: That’s easy. Click here to submit a request online.