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Louisiana Strategic Action Council 

Hey There!

It was great seeing you in Shreveport, LA. We had a great time didn’t we? I am still excited about the fun we had. As a special gift to you,  here is a recording of my presentation. Listen close because you will catch parts you may have missed the first time.  As you listen, think of others who may need to hear this message.

In our time together we talked about

  • How to build TRUST, influence, and instant rapport.
  • Which specific changes will make the biggest immediate impact on your business.
  • Knowing the two questions nobody will ever admit to…but you must answer before you get them to call you back.
  • How to use “vertical questions” to skip small talk and get people to open up to you.
  • Secrets for separating yourself from the competition and be the business that key industry players want to work with.
  • The key to getting people to remember your brand and wanting to do business with you.

Click to download your FREE copy of the message. Listen and get ready to get your Sprinkle On!

Click PLAY to Listen Here:


That was a great time! I need you to do two things for me:

  1. 1.  Pick just one thing you’ll try as a result of this message and do it.
  2. 2.  Stay connected with me. My social media handle is @JSprinkles. I will send motivational posts to you to reinforce this message daily.


Enjoy the message and I hope to see you soon. Really soon.

DOWNLOAD AUDIO HERE  (right click on link to save file to your computer)

It CAN Be Done!