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Jonathan In The News


Pinnacle Award Pinnacle Awards honor achievers
Sprinkles, whose engagements this year have taken him to dozens of colleges and leadership summits, is among the winners of the 15th annual Pinnacle Awards for excellence in African-American entrepreneurship.
40 Under 40 Jonathan Sprinkles celebrated among Houston Business Journal’s 40 under 40 winners
Forty of the city’s accomplished up-and-coming leaders who excel at their jobs and in the local community were honored May 20 at the second annual 40 Under 40 Awards.


Outlook Houston: “Achieving the Success You Deserve” [VIDEO]
Increasing your confidence and developing a winning attitude.
Outlook Houston: “Getting and Staying Motivated” [VIDEO]
Strategies for getting motivated and achieving your goals.
FOX News: Motivating Our Returning Troops [VIDEO]
Jonathan Sprinkles on his mission to help soldiers transition back to civilian life.
ABC News: How to Get the Raise You Deserve [VIDEO]
Life strategist, Jonathan Sprinkles, offers tips on how to get a raise during a recession.
HLN “Prime News” (3/7/11) [VIDEO]
“Your Connection Coach” Jonathan Sprinkles shares his wit and wisdom about hot issues in pop culture (Charlie Sheen, Lady Gaga breast milk, corporal punishment in high school).
HLN “Prime News” (10/22/10) [VIDEO]
The Connection Coach shares his wit and wisdom on pop culture. (OJ Simpson appeal denied, “cotton field” exchange in council meeting, “Octomom’s doctor.)
HLN “Prime News” (9/27/10) [VIDEO]
Your Connection Coach, Jonathan Sprinkles shares his wit and wisdom on hot issues from pop culture. (“Prostitute teacher”, coach fired for mooning, Viagra sold in grocery stores.)
HLN “Prime News” (9/16/10) [VIDEO]
Jonathan Sprinkles shares his wit and wisdom on hot issues in pop culture (Lindsay Lohan, Kid suspended for cap gun, Car lands on roof).
HLN “Prime News” (8/30/10) [VIDEO]
Jonathan Sprinkles shares his wit and wisdom on hot issues in pop culture (Paris Hilton, Worst birthday ever, man watches home robbery on iPhone).


Jonathan Sprinkles featured in USA TODAY
View the Article
Jonathan Sprinkles rocks the red carpet at Steve Harvey’s annual gala

Wayfinder Jonathan Sprinkles featured as a successful University of Texas at Austin Alum
Some people tell me I’m a motivational speaker. I travel the world, speaking to audiences about achievement strategies they can use to live an awesome life at work and home. I show people how to aim high, reject excuses and connect with the success and lifestyle they deserve. If all else fails, I just make stuff up.
002 Magazine: Exclusive Feature
A glimpse into the life and style of Houston’s top trendsetters.
Jonathan Sprinkles, Entrepreneur of the Week
When self-help author and “life strategist” Jonathan Sprinkles speaks to groups of young people about harnessing their potential, he’s speaking from experience, having built an enormously successful career as an in-demand motivational expert with a passionate following.


Suspect Your Guy Might Be Cheating? Here’s What to Do. And What NOT to Do!
Sprinkles sit down with Glamour Magazine and gives advice on what to do if you suspect your own partner is cheating.
The 9 Nastiest Myths and Half-Truths About Breaking Up
Sprinkles uncovers nine “myths and half-truths” about breakups that keep us from moving on in the right way.
Motivating Black Men to Succeed in College Jonathan Sprinkles shares strategies for motivating young men to succeed in college and in life.
Commentary: Your Man and Your Money Although I don’t know your man, between you and me, I can share with you one thing I know for sure; if your money is always funny, you can forget anything long-term.
How To: Hush Your Mouth — All That Complaining Is Ruining Your Life
Your expectation is your destination, whatever you believe is right for yourself that’s what you are going to achieve.
Should the Fallen be Forgiven: The Apology Song
The plea for mercy reads like a sheet of music from a song we have all heard before. It’s the same tune we hear every time someone famous messes up and wants to get back in our good graces. The verses are short, sweet, and sung with lots of soul.
The Secret Addiction Behind Lindsay Lohan’s Public Life
Lindsay Lohan is an addict. This isn’t a new headline. Her battle with drugs and alcohol has been scattered across the blogosphere. However, her most harrowing addiction isn’t discussed often.
Fantasia’s Hot Romance: The Missing Scandal
Sprinkles uncovers the missing untold story behind the Fantasia Barrino scandal.