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Students love his humor and are inspired by Jonathan’s personal story of nearly failing out of college, then rebounding to become a top student leader. He serves as a mentor to students nationwide, encouraging them to get focused, get involved and ultimately graduate.

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NOTE: The presentations below can be used as individual programs or combined as a half day or whole day retreat. There are many ways for you to Get Your Sprinkle On!


Leadership [45-60 min]

Forget the competition, the lack of resources, and the economy. Don’t spend another day listening others who have become hypnotized by their circumstances. It’s your time to shine! You can BE THE ONE™ to rise to the occasion and get others to follow your lead. BE THE ONE™ to gain visibility and influence to positively impact your organization’s future.

How this program is different from others:

Be the One™ isn’t about just leading people; it’s about changing your culture. This session reveals methods for creating a mission-driven organization and rallying people  toward tangible changes. We will discuss how, as a Change-Maker™, you will build trust-based relationships, inspire people to buy into the vision, turn doubters into believers, and win key victories that will change the direction of your organization.

Students Will Learn:

  • How to use the psychology of motivation to get your peers to work harder because they want to, not because you told them to.
  • How to increase your influence regardless of your title or level of experience,  and learn how to lead with passion and be a Change-Maker™ who organizations fight to keep.
  • How to avoid burnout or performance gaps by creating a strategic plan that defines the big-picture and helps your team members understand their role in achieving it.
  • The 3 fastest ways to bring out the best in your people, inspire their performance, and create a culture of team-oriented people who thrive—in any economy.
  • How to get key centers of influence to buy into your vision and bring it to fruition.

Quote from Jonathan Sprinkles

How to L.I.V.E. Like a Real Leader

Servant-Leadership [60-90 min]

Becoming the most dynamic leader on campus has been made simple: Leadership = Integrity + Vision + Excellence. Whether you have a formal title or not, this will show you what it takes to get people to follow you. You will learn the secret for influencing your peers and getting the respect you deserve.

Students Will Learn:

  • How to identify their dominant leadership strengths and which personality types best compliment them
  • How to handle the responsibility of campus leadership being 24/7, not just during the meeting
  • How to develop a TRUST-BASED CULTURE. Learn how to earn it and KEEP it
  • Reasons to feel confident about leading your peers without compromising your relationships
  • Action items to immediately improve your organizations

Quote from Jonathan Sprinkles

Never, Never, Never Give Up!

Motivation/Vision/Success Strategies [45-75 min]

Society says that you have to come from a particular background or be of a certain age to become successful. Well, society is wrong! No matter where you’re from or what you have been through, you can make it. Learn how to believe in your purpose, turn your mistakes into stepping stones and commit to living your full potential!

Students Will Learn:

  • The shocking truth about how past mistakes improve your chances for future success
  • How to rise above any circumstance and stay focused on your goals
  • What you need to do today to position yourself for unlimited achievement and opportunities
  • Much, much more!

Re-Energize Your Organization

[Leadership Retreat or Conference Workshop]

These are the strategies, verbatim, that have inspired people to call Jonathan the leading authority on student motivation. Based on his solutions from his book The 7 Secrets of Thriving Student Leaders, you will receive ideas on everything from creative marketing ideas to structuring your organization so people actually want to participate. Get ready to laugh and learn.

Students Will Learn:

  • The one proven tool for conquering mid-year apathy and burnout
  • Where to find hidden talent on campus…and how to put them to work
  • Learn how to delegate the RIGHT WAY so work actually gets done and you don’t have to go behind people and do their work for them
  • How to get new members to “stick” and bring their friends to future meetings

DiversiME University™

[Team-Building Through Diversity]

This is MUCH more than you would expect from a diversity program! These “must-know” skills for everyone who works in group settings will give you secrets for creating an environment of respect, collaboration and creativity!

Students Will Learn:

  • The 3 assumptions people make about YOU when you don’t look, act or think like them
  • How to break down the “walls” of difficult people and work in harmony, even when you don’t agree
  • The 3 simple questions that transform opposing viewpoints into common goals
  • How to benefit from differences in personality types and backgrounds and build a more creative team
  • Why you absolutely MUST avoid hiding your flaws if you want to connect with the people on your team

Quote from Jonathan Sprinkles