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Your Attitude Determines Their Altitude svenska spel lången regler Goblin’s Gold spelautomat كازينو على الشبكة أفضل لعبة الروليت على الانترنت المال الحقيقي parhaat peliautomaatit

A results-based presentation that will Re-fresh, Re-focus, and Re-energize your school, teachers and parents!

This is the type of program you’re going to want everyone to hear. Increased pressure to pass standardized tests, elevated accountability, and lowered budgets have caused a “crunch” in many districts that have left teachers and parents in the middle. Your Attitude Determines Their Altitude provides a system for dealing with stressors while focusing on the goal: creating an environment of high-achievement for your child or student. You will be clear about how to raise the bar of excellence despite the challenges. This program will lift your spirits and give you tools to lead your people to the next level.

This time, you win.

In this high-energy presentation, your audience will learn:

  • The “4 Habits of Highly-Successful Parents and Teachers” that build trust, confidence, and high self-esteem in students
  • How to connect with young people and be a meaningful influence in their lives (your voice will stand out above peer pressure, societal trends, and bullying)
  • Where to look for inspiration and strength not to give up during your child’s developmental journey
  • How to create positive dialogue about goals that motivate you and your student
  • How to turn one behavioral or academic turning point into motivation   for a major breakthrough

PLUS—Inspirational stories and reminders of how one person’s attitude can influence a child’s life…and an entire system!


It’s Time For Your Turnaround!

(Keynote: 60-90 minutes)

Get the success principles that turn everyday people into extraordinary achievers. Your group will discover how easy it is to start where you are and create sustainable success, stay motivated and become a high-performing organization!

This time, you win.

Your Organization Will Learn:

  • Why some people expect to win and always finish first
  • What to say to yourself to become immune to criticism and attract more success
  • 7 commonly-held myths about achievement. And the only thing that really matters.
  • Where to focus the 20% of your energy that accomplishes 80% of the work

Your Organization’s Return On Investment

  • Renewed motivation for achieving organizational and individual goals
  • Increased emphasis on team-building and working together to achieve vision
  • Promoting self-leadership and getting individuals to step up and take ownership of the desired outcomes