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You will BE THE ONE who is the first to get promoted and wins the best awards.Regardless of your title or level of experience, learn how to be a Change-Maker™ your organization will fight to keep.Inside the pages of the book—DISCOVER…

  • How to use the psychology of motivation to get your team to work harder because they want to, not because you told them to.
  • How to increase your influence regardless of your formal title.
  • How to avoid burnout or performance gaps by creating a strategic plan that defines the big-picture and helps your team members understand their role in achieving it.
  • The 3 fastest ways to bring out the best in your people, inspire their performance, and create a culture of team-oriented people who thrive—in any economy.
 BOOK – $19.97

Get Off Your ‘But’ & Make It Happen! [BLUEPRINT]

A “no excuses” BLUEPRINT for crafting your next big move, making a ton of money, and creating a ‘kick-but’ career and life!

Inside you will discover how to:

  • Chapter 1 – Get off your ‘but’ and BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE.

Reprogram your mind to create a successful self-image and truly believe you deserve to win. Use this one technique to get the courage to start build your momentum to higher goals.

  • Chapter 2 – Get off your ‘but’ and OWN YOUR POWER.

Work less, achieve more, and add purpose to everything you do by discovering your “effortless income streams.”

  • Chapter 3 – Get off your ‘but’ and OVERCOME YOUR OBSTACLES.

Where to focus your energy so you get consistent, predictable results, and become immune to criticism.

  • Chapter 4 – Get off your ‘but’ and ENLARGE YOUR VISION.

The 4-part formula that virtually guarantees you get the respect and results you deserve. How to unleash your creativity to achieve bigger results in less time.

  • Chapter 5 – Get off your ‘but’ and BOOST YOUR CAREER.

Discover the fortune that lies hidden within your salary by becoming the go-to person in your organization. Get promoted over others by being seen as an asset to the company’s vision, not just an employee.

  • Chapter 6 – Get off your ‘but’ and CONNECT WITH POWERFUL PEOPLE.

5 Rules for “getting in” and creating favor with people who have the power and authority to make decisions that can change your life…and your bank account!

  • Chapter 7 – Get off your ‘but’ and PASS THE TEST.

Tips for getting back on track, staying focused, and keeping your motivation until you have reached your goal.

  • Chapter 8 – Get off your ‘but’ and FINISH STRONG.

Let go of the struggles of the past and make room for the new life you have just created.

BOOK – $19.97 .


Get Off Your ‘But’ & Make It Happen! [DAILY MOTIVATOR]

No Excuses. No second chances. It’s time to go after the other half of your potential and get what you deserve. This Daily Motivator is a collection of challenging, action-oriented, inspirational messages that will keep you focused on success. Get motivated to aim high, reject excuses, and connect with the success and lifestyle you deserve.

BOOK – $19.97

Get Off Your ‘But’ & Make It Happen! [SUCCESS SERIES]

  • Disc 1 – Get off your ‘BUT’ and PURSUE YOUR PASSION
  • Disc 2 – Get off your ‘BUT’ and CREATE A PLAN THAT CAN’T FAIL
  • Disc 3 – Get off your ‘BUT’ and COMMUNICATE WITH CONFIDENCE
  • Disc 4 – Get off your ‘BUT’ and PUSH YOUR LIMITS
  • Disc 5 – Get off your ‘BUT’ and ACHIEVE OLYMPIC-SIZE SUCCESS
  • Disc 6 – Get off your ‘BUT’ and PERFORM AT YOUR PEAK
  • Disc 7 – Get off your ‘BUT’ and GET YOUR MONEY RIGHT
  • Disc 8 – Get off your ‘BUT’ and FIND YOUR TRUE CALLING
  • Disc 9 – Get off your ‘BUT’ and ACHIEVE THE IMPOSSIBLE
  • Disc 10 – Get off your ‘BUT’ and ATTRACT WHAT YOU WANT
  • Disc 11 – Get off your ‘BUT’ and DEAL W/ DIFFICULT PEOPLE
  • Disc 12 – Get off your ‘BUT’ and BECOME SIGNIFICANT
CD – $197.00 .


You Were Born an Original, Don’t Live Like a Copy!

I will show you, step-by-step, how to achieve the success you deserve!

  • Implement a simple 3-step formula that makes you more productive by lunchtime than most people are all day
  • Reprogram your self-image so you attract wealth and success like a magnet
  • Turn criticism into fuel that creates laser-like focus on your personal and professional goals
  • Use a variety of techniques to virtually eliminate stress and anxiety from your life
  • Unleash new levels of charisma to elevate every relationship in your life and become a leader that others want to follow
  • Supercharge your productivity, creativity, and life energy
BOOK – $14.97 .


Take Your Leadership to the Next Level! [Book]

This book is a collegiate bestseller!

You will learn:

  • Conquer apathy and keep members fired-up all year long– Secret #5
  • Network with powerful people that can give you the hook-up– Secret #7
  • Recruit the best students … and put them to work– Secret #2
  • Master the 8 sacred steps to writing emails that get read and responded to – Bonus Section

Plus sample meeting agendas, evaluations and thank you letters that that will make your job much easier and a lot more fun!

 BOOK – $14.97

Take Your Leadership to the Next Level! [Action Guide]

As you read the top-selling book Take Your Leadership to the Next Level! and follow along in the Action Guide, I reveal to you secrets for achieving unlimited leadership success!


Tricks of the Grade

If I could show you how you (or your student) could get at least a “B” in any college course (by actually studying less), guaranteed, would you be interested?

The #1 Academic Program in America, “Tricks of the Grade” will show you how to:

  • Position yourself for higher grades on the first day of class (without sitting up front) (Tricks #3, 5)
  • Get better grades by getting others to study for you–legally (Trick #9)
  • Make the college system work for you instead of against your (Trick #7)
  • Bend the rules in your favor without breaking them (Tricks #4, 10)
  • Avoid the most fatal mistakes that 95% of students make (unconsciously)(Trick #6)
  • Get your professors to give you better grades than you deserve (ethically) (Tricks #5, 6, 8)
  • Get “inside information” from your professors (Trick #5)
  • Ace boring courses and tame tough professors (Trick #7)

Professor Joe Martin GUARANTEES your success or he will PAY YOU if you make less than a B in any class if you use the “Tricks of the Grade!”

BOOK - $14.97

Student Success Stories [E-BOOK]

The top-selling student motivational book is now BACK in a special, Internet-only offer!

Students past and present reveal shocking details about breaking through any barrier! Twenty-two authors share their stories and strategies for achieving academic success, no matter the odds. This nail-biting, page-turning bundle of inspiration will give you the jolt of energy you or your students need to get (or stay) on track and finish strong!

Topics include: Greek life, surviving cancer, teenage pregnancy, graduate school, overcoming credit card debt, and much more!

Story titles include: I’ve Come to Claim My Destiny, Finish the Race, Still Standing, and Money Love & Da’ Dream Job

BONUS—FREE fill-in-the-blanks writing guide included. Now, you too can write your own success story!

E-BOOK - Download $7.97

CDs & MP3s


You Were Born an Original, Don’t Live Like a Copy! [CD]

Audio book version of the written text

AUDIO BOOK – $14.97 .

Let Your Light Shine

Let Your Light Shine [CD]

Sharing Your Faith In Secular Environments

FINALLY! You can successfully share your faith in secular environments…even if you’ve never done it before and don’t know where to begin!

A few of the many tips I will show you:

  • How to be a witness for God on your job without offending others or violating workplace policies
  • How to know when people are “ripe” for talking about God and when it’s best to back off
  • How to avoid the top mistake (that most people commit unknowingly) that could ruin someone else’s spiritual life…and yours!
  • How to find common “connection points” that let you quickly relate to others like you were old friends
  • Ten phrases that safely ease God into your conversations and work like a charm even if you’re shy, introverted or not a “biblical expert”

You will see how EASY it is to impact your environment for God!

CD - $19.97

Make It a Great Day, God’s Way! [Double CD]

This live recording is a down-to-earth guide for people just like you, who want to put the power of God to work in your life, but may not have a clue where to begin. Watch yourself evolve from will evolve from wanting God’s BIG blessings to watching them come to pass in your life. These are success strategies for everyday Christians who want God-sized results!

Your will lean how to:

  • Unlock the secret that multiplies your daily productivity
  • Set an atmosphere for blessings and abundant provisions
  • Create greater clarity and focus on God’s intentions for your life’s purpose
  • Motivate yourself past procrastination and obtain God’s promises
CD [2] - $19.97

Get Rich in Your Niche [CD]

How to Use Your Unique Selling Points to Make BIG PROFITS

As a small business owner, salesperson or independent professional, you are probably allowing thousands upon thousands of dollars in new business slip out of your hands every year! It’s time that you take action and learn how to position your business so that you stand head and shoulders among your competitors. This straightforward, get to the point, easy-to-use marketing workshop will teach you how to Sprinkle Your Way to Business Success with a blend of fundamental marketing principles and street-smart tips that will blow last year’s sales out of the water!

You will learn:

  • How to beat your competition … even if they are more qualified
  • The 4 questions you must answer before you make it big
  • How to avoid the 3 Deadly Marketing Sins that will bring your business to its knees
  • How to turn existing clients into referral-generating machines
  • And this is only half of what’s inside!

This is the course that your competitors are hoping that you don’t purchase!

CD - $39.97