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You’ve Got This! (Amazon #1 Bestseller)

EBOOK (PDF) – $14.97


Whether your goal is to get unstuck or to go to the next level, You’ve Got This is the Daily Motivator that will keep you focused and inspire you to make it happen. This high-energy performance accelerator will show you how to:

  • Gain the essential confidence that makes you unstoppable.
  • Inspire you to stop settling and get more done in less time.
  • Motivate yourself to achieve higher goals, close more sales, advance in your career, and receive the recognition that you deserve.
  • Connect your work to a great purpose that makes everything you do 10X more powerful


Be the One

EBOOK (PDF) – $14.97


You will BE THE ONE who is the first to get promoted and wins the best awards.Regardless of your title or level of experience, learn how to be a Change-Maker™ your organization will fight to keep.Inside the pages of the book—DISCOVER…

Presentation Power

EBOOK (PDF) – $14.97


Presentation Power is a results-based system for creating authentic connections that increase loyalty and profitability when leading, selling, negotiating, or delivering business presentations. This book is a sneak-peek into what you’ll experience at a Presentation Power event. This is the first big step in helping you build trust and get results…when you need it most.


Get Off Your ‘BUT’ & Make It Happen! [Blueprint]

BOOK – $19.97


E-BOOK (PDF) – $14.97


A “no excuses” BLUEPRINT for crafting your next big move, making a ton of money, and creating a ‘kick-BUT’ career and life!

Inside you will discover how to

  • Chapter 1 – Get off your ‘BUT’ and BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE.

Reprogram your mind to create a successful self-image and truly believe you deserve to win. Use this one technique to get the courage to start build your momentum to higher goals.

  • Chapter 2 – Get off your ‘BUT’ and OWN YOUR POWER.

Work less, achieve more, and add purpose to everything you do by discovering your “effortless income streams.”

Get Off Your ‘BUT’ & Make It Happen! [Daily Motivator]

E-BOOK (PDF) – $14.97


No Excuses. No second chances. It’s time to go after the other half of your potential and get what you deserve. This Daily Motivator is a collection of challenging, action-oriented, inspirational messages that will keep you focused on success. Get motivated to aim high, reject excuses, and connect with the success and lifestyle you deserve.

You Were Born an Original, Don’t Live Like a Copy!

E-BOOK (PDF) – $14.97


I will show you, step-by-step, how to achieve the success you deserve!

  • Implement a simple 3-step formula that makes you more productive by lunchtime than most people are all day
  • Reprogram your self-image so you attract wealth and success like a magnet
  • Turn criticism into fuel that creates laser-like focus on your personal and professional goals

Take Your Leadership to the Next Level! [Book]

E-BOOK (PDF) – $14.97


Known as one of the foremost books on student leadership, Take Your Leadership To The Next Level: The 7 Secrets of Thriving Student Leaders is a collegiate bestseller!

You will learn:

  • Conquer apathy and keep members fired-up all year long– Secret #5
  • Network with powerful people that can give you the hook-up– Secret #7
  • Recruit the best students … and put them to work– Secret #2
  • Master the 8 sacred steps to writing emails that get read and responded to – Bonus Section

Take Your Leadership to the Next Level! [Action Guide]

E-BOOK (PDF) – $14.97


As you read the top-selling book Take Your Leadership to the Next Level! and follow along in the Action Guide, I reveal to you secrets for achieving unlimited leadership success!

Tricks of the Grade

Book – $14.97


If I could show you how you (or your student) could get at least a “B” in any college course (by actually studying less), guaranteed, would you be interested?

In the #1 Academic Program in America, Professor Joe Martin’s “Tricks of the Grade” will show you how to:

  • Position yourself for higher grades on the first day of class (without sitting up front) (Tricks #3, 5)
  • Get better grades by getting others to study for you–legally (Trick #9)
  • Make the college system work for you instead of against your (Trick #7)
  • Bend the rules in your favor without breaking them (Tricks #4, 10)

Student Success Stories [E-BOOK]

E-BOOK (PDF) Download $7.97


The top-selling student motivational book is now BACK in a special, Internet-only offer!

Students past and present reveal shocking details about breaking through any barrier! Twenty-two authors share their stories and strategies for achieving academic success, no matter the odds. This nail-biting, page-turning bundle of inspiration will give you the jolt of energy you or your students need to get (or stay) on track and finish strong!

If You Want to Connect With Any Audience, Do This… علي بابا التمنيات فتحة (Jonathan’s Best-Kept Secrets For Selling Yourself And Turning Your Ideas Into Cash)

E-BOOK (PDF) – Download $97


In Volume 1 of this book series, I lay out my best of the best speaking tips. With over $1,997 of Speaking Tips, Jonathan Sprinkles “tell-all” in articles about:

  • What to say so people rebook you before you leave
  • How to structure your talk THE RIGHT WAY so you look brilliant and people keep talking about you
  • How to set yourself apart from other speakers so you become the hit of every conference


You Were Born an Original, Don’t Live Like a Copy! [MP3]

MP3 AUDIO BOOK – $12.97


Audio book version of the written text

Let Your Light Shine [MP3]

MP3 – $14.97


Sharing Your Faith In Secular Environments

FINALLY! You can successfully share your faith in secular environments…even if you’ve never done it before and don’t know where to begin!

A few of the many tips I will show you:

  • How to be a witness for God on your job without offending others or violating workplace policies
  • How to know when people are “ripe” for talking about God and when it’s best to back off
  • How to avoid the top mistake (that most people commit unknowingly) that could ruin someone else’s spiritual life…and yours!

svenska spel casino online Make It a Great Day, God’s Way! [MP3]

MP3 – $14.97


This live recording is a down-to-earth guide for people just like you, who want to put the power of God to work in your life, but may not have a clue where to begin. Watch yourself evolve from will evolve from wanting God’s BIG blessings to watching them come to pass in your life. These are success strategies for everyday Christians who want God-sized results!

Your will lean how to:

  • Unlock the secret that multiplies your daily productivity
  • Set an atmosphere for blessings and abundant provisions

NordicBet Red casino bonus Get Rich in Your Niche [MP3]

MP3 – $29.97


How to Use Your Unique Selling Points to Make BIG PROFITS

As a small business owner, salesperson or independent professional, you are probably allowing thousands upon thousands of dollars in new business slip out of your hands every year! It’s time that you take action and learn how to position your business so that you stand head and shoulders among your competitors. This straightforward, get to the point, easy-to-use marketing workshop will teach you how to Sprinkle Your Way to Business Success with a blend of fundamental marketing principles and street-smart tips that will blow last year’s sales out of the water!

فتحة السحر قرد Get Off Your ‘BUT’ & Make It Happen! [SUCCESS SERIES]

MP3 – $174.97

  • Disc 1 – Get off your ‘BUT’ and PURSUE YOUR PASSION
  • Disc 2 – Get off your ‘BUT’ and CREATE A PLAN THAT CAN’T FAIL
  • Disc 3 – Get off your ‘BUT’ and COMMUNICATE WITH CONFIDENCE
  • Disc 4 – Get off your ‘BUT’ and PUSH YOUR LIMITS
  • Disc 5 – Get off your ‘BUT’ and ACHIEVE OLYMPIC-SIZE SUCCESS
  • Disc 6 – Get off your ‘BUT’ and PERFORM AT YOUR PEAK

Profit Power

MP3 – $197


How to grow your business, out-market your competition, and blow last year’s numbers out of the water.

Finally, the secret is out. Top entrepreneurs and business leaders tell all about what they are doing right now to grow their businesses, out-mar-ket the competition, and create legacy success for themselves and their families. This powerful series will reveal to you, in detail, ideas that can make this the best year ever in your career or business!



Presentation Power Series

MP3 – $197


Connect with your audience, boost your career, and generate more business. فتحة مسحور حورية البحر You are in for a real treat. You are about to gain access to private, behind-closed-doors coaching calls hosted by one of the top professional speakers in the United States, “America’s Connection Coach” Jonathan Sprinkles and his exclusive coaching members. In these tell-all Q&A sessions, Jonathan gives great detail about how to speak with confidence, own a room, and pro tips for creating pre­sentations that SELL.

On this call, Jonathan reveals:

  • How to build your personal brand and how to make it memorable on the platform
  • A little-known tool in Google and YouTube that tells you which specific words to include on your website, brochure, and marketing materials

Jonathan’s Biggest Flops: Jonathan’s most EMBARASSING mistakes–and how to avoid them!

MP3 – $107


Get never-before-heard, unedited footage of Jonathan’s first paid talks. Learn from his biggest, most embarrassing mistakes!

As you listen to my journey from amateur to becoming a top speaker, you will discover:

  • How to sell your next talk before you’ve finished the first one
  • How quickly double the size of your email list without doing any additional work (hint-adding ONE line to your talk will make people happily hand over their contact information)
  • Why I made the same logical but STUPID MISTAKE in the last 3 minutes of my talk that nearly every speaker will make (including YOU) that killed my product sales until the day I changed it.


Jonathan Sprinkles’ Master Class

$997.00 USD


Personalized courses that give you the skills that persuade people to buy into you and your ideas.

You have just discovered your new secret weapon.

Jonathan Sprinkles’ Master Class is the place where you will master the skills that put the power, influence, and control in your hands.

Courses Include:

  • Presenting Your Value Proposition
  • Using Visual Triggers To Persuade Your Audience
  • Using Humor To Build Trust & Melt Resistance To Your Ideas
  • Building Your Brand Using Thank You Gifts

Presentations That Connect

$497.00 USD


Be the hit of your next meeting! Get the blueprint to master your pitch, motivate change, close the deal, and more!

FACT: Times have changed. Technology has changed. Attention spans have changed.

In an increasingly-digital era, you are competing with millions of other messages every day. We are living in the most distracted generation in history. If you don’t know how to get people’s attention and keep it, you quickly lose them to text messages, emails, and social media. There goes your meeting.

PRESENTATIONS THAT CONNECT features Jonathan’s three best-selling courses on public speaking: Cash Cow Keynote, Showcasing Secrets Revealed, and Connect & Persuade.

In these courses, Jonathan walks you through the new rules for crafting your message so that it connects and stays with your listeners. Whether you are speaking one-on-one or one-to-many, you will have frameworks that will give you the upper hand in persuading important outcomes when you need them most.

RECONNECT: 21-Day Challenge

$97.00 USD


The RECONNECT: 21-day challenge is a 21-day, 1-on-1 personal coaching journey with Jonathan, specifically for busy people who want to Reconnect and Re-energize themselves. If you have been in “just get things done mode” so long that you have gone into autopilot, this is for you!

FINALLY! The RECONNECT: 21-Day Challenge is here to help you “get your YOU back.” You’re busy, you’re handling your many responsibilities, and you would even consider yourself successful. But somewhere along the way you slowly drifted into “work mode” and your sense of fulfillment, excitement, reward slipped away. You’ve done good things, but…something is missing.

How To Write Thank You Notes That Bring You More Business

$297.00 USD


You get to watch Jonathan LIVE as he teaches one of the top-rated courses at Presentation Power.

And here’s why: saying “Thank You” the right way is a TRUST-building, business-developing, money-making tool. Successful people prioritize acts of gratitude because they understand how hitting a homerun directly affects their bottom line.

Cash Cow Keynote

$347.00 USD


Personalized courses that give you the skills that persuade people to buy into you and your ideas.

You have just discovered your new secret weapon.

Jonathan Sprinkles’ Master Class is the place where you will master the skills that put the power, influence, and control in your hands.


Visual Triggers

$297.00 USD


Times have changed. Years ago, people would pay attention to a presenter during a meeting. Today, people are more distracted than ever. Text messages, email, and social media are all competing for the attention of your audience.

Nothing communicates faster than a picture. Your new weapon for grabbing people’s attention and keeping it through your entire presentation is using Jonathan’s Visual Triggers.

In this course, Jonathan will show you different ways to turn your presentation into a simple, easy-to-draw infographic that you can map out on a cocktail napkin or flip chart. People will tune in the entire time. Using Visual Triggers, you won’t lose the fight against boredom anymore.

You don’t have to be an artist (Jonathan’s handwriting is terrible!). You don’t have to have design skills. If you can draw a circle and a line, you can create a Visual Trigger that makes you look like a genius in your next presentation!

Unleash Your Inner Funny

$297.00 USD


WARNING—this course is does not teach you how appear to be “naturally funny.” Unleash Your Inner Funny shows you where to create moments of levity and how to effectively use them for persuasion purposes and give yourself an unfair advantage in business situations.

Hall of Fame speaker Larry Winget once said, “The more they laugh, the more you sell.” Humor is best tool to melt resistance, overcome objections, set your audience at ease, and ultimately win them over.

Whether you are a speaker, salesperson, or writer, you can use these fill-in-the blanks frameworks and simple humor strategies to become more memorable and influence people to want to do business with you.

Value Proposition

$297.00 USD


Most value propositions you hear are awful.

They are wordy, confusing, and ineffective. Many times, it only talks about the product or service, not about how it will help the customer.

If you fail in these make-it-or-break-it moments, you not only lose business; you also lose respect.

Value Proposition Master Class gives you easy-to-use templates to persuasively communicate your unique strengths, competitive advantages, and compel people to business with you.

This course will walk you through you how to:

  • Go beyond the functional components and speak to the emotional triggers that make people buy.
  • Leverage your story to differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Communicate using terms that connect with “real people,” not overused business jargon, hollow cliché’s, and over-hyped promises.
  • Create an attention-grabbing sentence that pinpoints the end result that your customer wants most.

You will be clear about what really matters in a great value proposition. You will have the power to sell yourself, land the business, and get the respect you deserve.




Speak Your Way to Six-Figures!



(Ideal For New Speakers) Learn the “Secret Weapons” used by many of the nation’s TOP Speakers. In this detailed audio series, I reveal 21 Money-making Strategies that will:

  • Show you how to get spin-off bookings even before you touch the stage
  • Engage attendees to become your life-time customers and create top of mind awareness

Showcasing Secrets Revealed

$347.00 USD


Did you know you can do a 15-minute speech and make $25,000, $50,000 or $100,000?

I sneak a “spy cam” into my showcase (and even my hotel room) to give you a first-hand look on doing a profitable showcase.

I give unprecedented access, bonus footage, and exclusive interviews that reveal more than you should know. You will learn:

A good showcase needs to be 3 things:

Coaching Calls


**Best Of Coaching Calls**



Get off to a fast start with Presentation PowerTM Coaching Call #1 and #2

Get access to BOTH calls for one super-low investment. Hear all my tips and strategies about presenting with power, developing your material, and knowing how to connect with your clients so they never forget about you. DOWNLOAD BOTH Presentation Power Coaching Calls