RECONNECT: 21-Day Challenge


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Jonathan Sprinkles is here to help you “get your YOU back.” 

This 21-day personal coaching journey is specifically for busy people who feel burned out and want to reconnect with themselves, regain their passion, and revive that sense of fulfillment

Availability: In Stock

The RECONNECT: 21-day challenge is a 21-day, 1-on-1 personal coaching journey with Jonathan, specifically for busy people who want to Reconnect and Re-energize themselves. If you have been in “just get things done mode” so long that you have gone into autopilot, this is for you!

FINALLY! The RECONNECT: 21-Day Challenge is here to help you “get your YOU back.” You’re busy, you’re handling your many responsibilities, and you would even consider yourself successful. But somewhere along the way you slowly drifted into “work mode” and your sense of fulfillment, excitement, reward slipped away. You’ve done good things, but…something is missing.

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