Hey friend,

I’m Jonathan Sprinkles. I am a public speaker, business consultant, author…and also a father, coach, and a man who is irrationally passionate about helping young people succeed.

Recently, the NCAA invited me to teach leadership principles to some of their most promising student athletes.

During the presentation, one athlete stood out from the crowd.

Her name is Olivia.

She has Lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease.


She told me, “I know I am the slowest runner on my team, but every run I take is a run that Lupus couldn’t take away from me.”

At that moment, I was so inspired that I pledged that I would overcome my own fears of challenging myself to completing a half marathon and run the race in her honor.

On October 31, 2021, I’m running my first-ever half marathon!



You can “buy a mile” by sponsoring one of the 13.1 miles that I will be running during the Houston Half Marathon.

Together, we will do our part to help the thousands of families that are struggling through caring for loved ones with chronic illnesses.

The goal is to raise $1,310 for two different organizations that support young people with chronic  illnesses.


Good Days helps people with chronic illnesses who are uninsured to afford the medications they need. This nonprofit provides financial support by covering the cost of doctor visits and medication. In some cases, they help those suffering to pay health insurance premiums. Since 2003, Good Days has helped 500,000 people gain access to healthcare.

"Being diagnosed with a life altering diagnosis can be extremely difficult, but obtaining the medication you need to thrive and overcome that diagnosis shouldn’t be. The team at Good Days does everything they can to make that hill easier to climb, not just with financial help but with a true care and compassion for the members under their care."

Gracie’s Gowns handmakes unique hospital gowns for children who are chronically ill at little to no cost. They send their gowns across all 50 states and even to countries worldwide. Their mission is to give kids something fun and personal to wear during hard times.

"When being in the hospital for another admission becomes your life you try to make the best of it… But every time you go in you lose a little of yourself, you lose a little more dignity. When Gracie's Gowns came into our lives it wasn’t just a gown or something to wear at another admission, it was dignity. Jessica gave my daughter back a piece of her life that had been chipped away more and more with each admission.."
– AmandaJ


  1. Donate today. Remember to claim the mile that you want!
  2. During the race, I will give you a special video shoutout during “your mile.”
  3. At the conclusion of the half marathon, your name will be added to the list of supporters
    when we make the check presentation.
  4. You will receive a video replay of the donation presentation.
  5. You will feel irresistibly joyful, and overwhelmed by positive vibes.

*Donation amounts include credit card processing fees. Ex: $26 = $25 donation. We want to ensure that as much money goes to the charities as possible!

NOTE: Your donation will be processed through Sprinklisms Inc, a for-profit organization. If you need to make a donation to a non-profit organization for tax purposes, kindly go to the organization’s website and send us the receipt so that we can maintain accurate records.

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